Neck Lumps and Red Flags for Head and Neck Cancers
Rajan Patel 

Watch this webinar for information about neck lumps, thyroid lumps, oral ulcers, typical presentations in head and neck cancer, red flags to look out for, and when to refer urgently.


Salivary Gland Conditions Podcast
Kevin Smith

In this episode Kevin Smith discusses conditions that affect the salivary glands.

Listen to podcast

Early Diagnosis and Post-Operative Care of Head and Neck Cancer
Rajan Patel, Muammar Abu-Serriah, Lou Tjauw and Belinda Reeves

Watch this webinar with practical information on how not to miss head and neck cancer covering:

  • How to recognise cancer of the head and neck
  • The role of GPs and patients in early diagnosis
  • How to recognise oral cancer – including identifying red flags and when to refer
  • Perioperative patient care for head and neck cancer patients


Management of First Aid Dental and Other Common Oral Conditions
Muammar Abu-Seriah

Watch this webinar to learn about avulsed tooth, infected tooth, and dry socket including complications requiring dental first aid, and tips and tricks for managing these conditions.


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